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Why does One-Punch Man have three separate manga series, and which ones are considered canon? Like most Japanese animations, One-Punch Man is based on a manga. Focused on the trials and tribulations of Saitama - who's a hero just for a hobby - One-Punch Man is one part parody of Shonen-style storytelling tropes, one part thrilling and intense battle manga, pitching a perfect balance between action and comedy. First airing inthe One-Punch Man anime adaptation earned international success seemingly overnight, going on to become a crossover hit that appealed to hardcore anime fans and complete newcomers in equal measure. Usually, when an anime series blows up and finds a mass audience, enthralled viewers can dive into the original manga and discover what one punch man web comics next. With One-Punch Manhowever, there are several different variations of the manga to dip into, which can be confusing at first glance. But while ONE's talent helped him conceptualize the One-Punch Man story and its charactershis artistic skills left much to be desired.